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SDDS/QEDS Country Data

This release contains QEDS country tables for SDDS subscribers that are also participating in the database. Table 1 on Gross External Debt Position by Sector is available for all countries that have provided data for this release.


 Hong Kong , China 

 New Zealand¹



























 Slovak Republic




 Costa Rica 


 South Africa


 Kyrgyz Republic


 Czech Republic 












 El Salvador








 United Kingdom



 United States






 Euro Area




//1- Country has agreed to participate in the database but has not yet provided data.

//2- Mauritius became a SDDS subscriber on Feb. 28, 2012. The country's historical time series data is available under GDDS/QEDS but has not been published yet under SDDS/QEDS.

Data availability varies by country. The database is updated twice each quarter. The countries which do not meet the data submission deadline have their data posted during the next release. Countries which did not report the current quarter data are marked in italics. 

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