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SDDS/QEDS Country Data Tables

Table 1Gross External Debt Position by Sector (SDDS prescribed item)
Table 1 BPM6actn102Gross External Debt Position by Sector (in line with BPM6)
Table 2   Gross External Debt Position: Foreign Currency and Domestic Currency Debt (SDDS encouraged item)
Table 3   actn102 Debt-Service Payment Schedule for Outstanding External Debt as of End-Period (SDDS encouraged item)

Supplementary Table 1.1

actn102Gross External Debt Position - Traded Debt Instruments (additional information to table 1; reconciliation between nominal and market value of traded debt instruments to facilitate cross-country debt data comparisons)
Supplementary Table 1.2 Gross External Debt Position - Other sectors (additional breakdown to table 1)
Supplementary Table 1.3 Gross External Debt Position: Public Sector Debt and Publicly Guaranteed Private Sector Debt (additional information to table 1 with a focus on public sector external debt)
Supplementary Table 1.4 Gross External Debt Position: Arrears (additional information to table 1)

Supplementary Table 2.1

actn102Gross External Foreign Currency and Foreign-Currency-Linked Debt Position (additional information to table 2)
Supplementary Table 3.1 Gross External Debt Position: Short-Term Remaining Maturity by Sector (additional information to table 3)

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