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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the template?         New templates are available

We recommend some rules to facilitate a faster processing of your data and validations performance; this will speed up the processing time of getting your data on the website.

We would like you to report four quarters at a time in one template (SDDS/QEDS participant template and/or GDDS/QEDS participant template), even if since the last reporting period you have revised only two quarters. If you have revised more than four quarters at a time, please, use another copy of the template (SDDS/QEDS participant template and GDDS/QEDS participant template), also preferably containing four quarters each, going back in time as long as necessary.

Please, do not remove or add tabs, rows or columns in the template. Even if you fill out only some of the tables in the template, please send it to us in the same shape as we provided. 

Please, align the latest reported quarter to the furthest right column in the table.

How to fill out the template?

Please, make sure that totals inside the tables are added up to the sum of their components.

For SDDS/QEDS participants, enter country name and reporting currency in the provided spot on the Table 1 tab of the template. Please, check the validation2 tab on your template to ensure that tables validate among each other if you report more than Table 1.

For GDDS/QEDS participants, in the Readme worksheet of the template please fill in all questions (latest reporting period (yyyyQ#), reporting currency, reporting scale, and reporting country). In addition, at the bottom of Table 1 please fill in all country-specific notes (coverage of data reported, valuation, and inclusion of accrued interest, direct investment-intercompany lending, or currency and deposits).

If needed, comments/clarifications may be included below any tables used to report data to the SDDS/QEDS and/or GDDS/QEDS databases. This information will be included in the corresponding QEDS metadata available for each participating country.

How to send the report?

Please, address the template to, and any other person that you are in contact with regarding QEDS.

How often is the site updated?


The website is updated twice each quarter in the middle and end of the month. The World Bank needs few days to process the data and has a schedule that requires the countries to report on set dates prior to dissemination dates. The table of the current and upcoming reporting to the World Bank is as follows:







1st Submission Date





1st Publication Date





2nd Submission Date





2nd Publication Date






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