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GDDS/QEDS Participants

 Gross External Debt Position ($ million) 

Considering the importance of timely and high-quality data on borrowing and lending operations particularly to LICs, the Quarterly External Debt Statistics (QEDS) database has been extended to a selected number of countries that participate in the IMF's General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) in February 2008. The participation of countries in the GDDS/QEDS database is voluntary. Currently, forty-nine GDDS countries have agreed to participate in this database.

The GDDS/QEDS database extension focuses on the dissemination of public and publicly-guaranteed external debt position data broken down by maturity as the essential item for participation in the QEDS, but encourages the dissemination of other data in line with the GDDS, including the external debt-service payment schedule, creditor sector information, and the external debt position data broken by type of instrument.

Four tables were developed for collecting quarterly time series information on external debt for GDDS countries (template for external debt data). 

Provision of data for Table 1—the table based on the GDDS external debt data category—is essential for participation. Data for the memorandum item in Table 1 (nonguaranteed private sector external debt) are not required for participation, although—if available—data are encouraged to be disseminated at least once yearly.

Participants are also welcome to provide: the encouraged GDDS tables on debt-service payment schedule for public and publicly-guaranteed external debt broken down by principal and interest (Table 2), public and publicly-guaranteed external debt position owed to the nonresident creditor sectors (Table 3), and external debt position data broken down by type of instrument (Table 4).

The core data category for external debt in the GDDS includes public and publicly-guaranteed debt, and the associated debt-service schedule. Recommended good practice would be that the stock data, broken down by maturity, be disseminated with quarterly periodicity and timelines of one-to-two q uarters after the reference date. In addition the associated debt-service schedules should be disseminated twice yearly, within three-to-six months after the reference period, and with data for four quarters and two semesters ahead. Data on nonguaranteed private external debt and debt-servicing schedules, with annual periodicity, are encouraged data categories to be disseminated within six-to-nine months after the reference period.

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