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In March 2004, SDDS coordinators were informed of the collaborative effort by the World Bank and IMF to bring together external debt statistics of SDDS subscribers, and were asked to participate in this initiative (sample letter to the SDDS coordinators). Sixty-three of sixty-four SDDS subscribers and seven GDDS countries agreed to participate in the SDDS/QEDS database. As a result, The Quarterly External Database was launched on November 18, 2004 (press release). We are continuing to work with other SDDS subscribers to obtain their participation.

In August 2007, GDDS coordinators and other authorities of a relatively small group of GDDS countries, particularly Low-Income Countries (LICs), were informed of the QEDS expansion initiative and were asked to participate (sample letter to the GDDS coordinators). Fourteen GDDS countries initially agreed to participate in the GDDS/QEDS database. The database was expanded to General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) countries on Februrary 27, 2008 (press release). The numbers of participating countries  has now increased to forty-four. We are continuing to work with other GDDS countries to obtain their participation.            

Countries-participants are welcome to view Frequently Asked Questions.

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