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Global Development Finance 2012

Global Development Finance 2012, External Debt of Developing Countries (GDF) is the sole repository for statistics on the external debt of developing countries on a loan-by-loan basis. This edition of GDF presents reported or estimated data on the total external debt of all low-and middle-income countries in both electronic and print formats. Data are shown for 129 individual countries that report to the World Bank's Debtor reporting System (DRS). These countries report to the DRS under Operational Policy 14.10 mandate of the World Bank. 

GDF 2012



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Categories on the left offer you access to the About Data portion of the GDF print edition, including sources and definitions. Summary tables and regional and income group aggregate tables display some additional information above what is presented in the current print GDF.

Little Data Book on External Debt 2012 (coming soon) is a pocket version of the GDF. It provides a quick reference for users interested in external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, key debt ratios, and the currency composition of long-term debt for all countries reporting through the DRS. It contains statistical tables for 129 countries as well as summary tables for regional and income groups.


Tables and charts throughout the website provide selected data from GDF's electronic database via Development Database Platform of the World Bank. Country selection in charts and tables displays top ten countries based on size of external debt at end-2010.

Published by the World Bank in Dec 2011 Debt maturity distribution of debt 

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