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 **2012 Q2 data are now available**


The PSD database brings together detailed debt data of the public sector that are published individually by countries participating in this initiative. The participation of countries in the PSD database is voluntary. Currently, 85 have agreed to participate in this database.


Six tables are developed for reporting quarterly time series information on public sector debt. The data will be reported for the following sectors on an as-available basis: General government; o/w Central government; o/w Budgetary central government; Nonfinancial public corporations and Financial public corporations and a table presenting the total public sector debt. The database is based on compilation methodologies, concepts, and presentation formats articulated in the table 4.3 in the IMF Public Sector Debt Compilation Guide. Each sector debt data are disaggregated by maturity, by instruments and by creditors and currency.


Excel template for public sector debt data


The basic requirement for countries to participate is to supply quarterly data on central government debt. Data on General Government, State and Local Government, Non Financial Public Corporations, and Financial Public Corporations is encouraged, whenever available.














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