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Suite of Software Tools

To help improve ICP data quality and support the 2005 Round, the Global Office developed a software suite that is being used by National Statistical Offices, Regional Coordinators and the Global Office. Included in this suite are the:

  • ICP Tool Pack
  • Structured Product Description (SPD) Module
  • Expenditure Weights Diagnostic Module (WDM)
  • Ring Administration Module (RAM)
  • Data Capture Forms (DCF)
  • Equipment, Construction and Compensation Data Validation Module (DVM)

The Tool Pack is an integrated comprehensive software that supports most of the business processes in the ICP price survey, which generally has a much larger scope than the Consumer Price Index process.


The SPD Module supports the building of regional lists of product specifications, using the SPD approach. 


The WDM helps to validate expenditure weights at various levels of aggregation of the GDP. Both vertical (within country) and horizontal (across countries) checks are done by the system to validate the consistency of expenditure shares of a country.


The RAM is an Excel-based application that facilitates the development of core global products.Information on availability and representativity of products is captured in a structured manner, allowing the Global Office to analyze and create a common Ring Product List efficiently. 


The DCF is developed for data capture for Construction, Equipment and Government Compensation. 


Tool Pack

The need for compiling, analyzing and reviewing price data in the International Comparison Program resulted in the development of an integrated software system called the Tool Pack in the 2003-2006 Round of the program. The primary objective of the Tool Pack is to improve data collection and processing capacity at both national and international levels. It can be used to produce both temporal and spatial indices, including CPI and ICP surveys. With the help of the Tool Pack, the ICP aims to strengthen key areas of data collation, including:

  • Supporting national price collection effort
  • Standardizing price collection methods within and across countries
  • Improving data quality and processing efficiency
  • Validating data consistently and systematically
  • Ensuring data collection consistency over time and space
  • Facilitating data archiving, analysis, reporting and dissemination. 

The Tool Pack is available in six languages: English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Russian (undergoing final testing).


Tool Pack Modules

Price Administration Module (PAM): a web-based system pivotal for (a) the setup and maintenance of price surveys, and (b) the subsequent intra-country data collation and validation of price data.  It is a secure application that can be deployed on a stand-alone desktop computer or as a shared application on a server for use over a network in National Statistical Offices or Regional Coordinating Organizations. Click here for related documentation


Price Collection Module (PCM): a desktop application designed to record price data. It is distributed to field offices within countries where price collection takes place.  PCM can also be installed on a network server and shared by other users on the network through user IDs/passwords. It allows the user to (a) print price collection forms; (b) enter collected prices; (c) perform preliminary data verification for quality control; and (d) transfer price data to the PAM for further analysis by the country coordinator. Click here for related documentation


Data Processing Module (DPM): primarily used for (a) transferring data from countries to regions (b) entering exchange rates, nominal expenditures, population etc. into the database, (c) validating inter-country data using the Quaranta Diagnostics, (d) calculating PPPs and real expenditures, and (e) generating customized reports. The DPM can be used for both temporal and spatial indices. Click here for related documentation


Latest PAM/DPM patch. To download the patch file, click here. 

Latest PCM patch. To download the patch file, click here.


Tool Pack Tools

Batch Upload Utility: The PAM, PCM and DPM facilitate the full data production process for ICP, beginning from setting up survey frames to data collection, validation and processing, following a strict regimen and sequence. However, a batch upload utility is provided to countries who would like to use their own data collection system to bypass the PCM and upload their data into the PAM and DPM for validation and processing. Click here for related documentation


Country Diagnostic Report (CDR) - a new tool for data analysis in the ICP Tool Pack

Diagnostic reports play a very important part in ensuring optimum data quality in ICP. The reports are used by the Regional Coordinator to prepare country-specific reports highlighting data quality problems that need to be checked by National Coordinators. Click here for related documentation

SPD Module

The foundation of the ICP is the list of well defined products for which prices are collected in each country, and comparisons made,to calculate the Purchasing Power Parities. The task of building a list of Product Specifications (PS) has been simplified and significantly improved using software tools developed by the Global Office, thus overcoming the problems of comparability, representativity and inadequate documentation from earlier rounds. The software is based on the conceptual framework of the Structured Product Description (SPD) approach, adopted from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics checklist methodology.

The SPD Module supports the building of regional lists of product specifications using the SPD approach. Some of the main functionalities of the SPD Module allow the regions to (a) customize Global SPDs to regional needs (b) propose PSs for country consideration (c) exchange data files in a standard format thus facilitate a smooth flow of feedback between the region and countries and (d) compare and select product specifications received from countries based on overlap in product characteristics, and (e) facilitate, through its "bridge" module, the transfer of product specifications to the Tool Pack. Click here for related documentation

Weights Diagnostic Module

The ICP Weights Diagnostic Module (WDM) is a tool specially developed by the Global Office for use by Regional Coordinators. It can validate expenditure weights provided by the countries at the Basic Heading level by performing a comparison across some or all countries in a region. Validation at various levels of aggregation of the GDP, including at the levels of GDP, Major Aggregates, Analytical Category, Groups and Class, is allowed. Both vertical (within country) and horizontal (across countries) checks are done by the system to validate the consistency of expenditure shares of a country. It uses the standard procedure of calculating the coefficients of variation (CVs) of country weights for each BH, as well as for the higher level aggregates, and highlights those CVs that are anomalous compared to the regional mean.

Users need to enter these items into the "Regional Data" sheet: (1) BH level parities (2) BH level nominal expenditures (in local currency), and (3) Population (in millions), for each of the countries. They can then select the BHs and countries, using a toolbar menu named "ICP WDM", and "Run Report" to produce the diagnostic tables. Users can run any number of such reports using any combination of BHs and countries, and save them as separate sheets in the workbook.

This module is also useful for countries that wish to validate their expenditure weights across years and check the consistency of the weights structure from year to year. The "Yearly Data" sheet in the workbook is used for this purpose.

Ring Administration Module (RAM)

Ring Administration Module (RAM) is an Excel based application developed by the World Bank It helps countries that are participating in the global Ring Comparison to provide the ICP Global Office with information about products that can be priced in their countries. The responses are captured in a structured manner allowing the Global Office to analyze and create a common Ring Product list efficiently. The RAM displays a list of products (otherwise known as ) priced by each of the six ICP regions, and the specifications to help identify these products. It also displays pictures of products. Its objective is to help Ring Countries identify the products correctly, indicate whether each item is available in their market and provide comments when a positive or negative answer does not suffice. The RAM system does not need any installation on a user's computer. It can be run from a CD on which it is distributed. Click here for related documentation. 

Data Capture Module

The Data Capture Forms (DCF) module, within the family of ICP software tools, is a specialized system developed using Microsoft Word for the current ICP round. It facilitates the recording of price data into standardized data capture forms that are used by countries for Construction components, Equipment, and Government Compensation. This module is for the use of the countries. However, Regional Coordinators can also use this module to view price observations submitted to them by countries. The data capture forms are organized in three separate folders: Construction, Equipment, and Government Compensation. The user chooses one of these folders and enters prices for products in that folder.

All features of this module can be used via the menu item "ICP DCF" at the top on the Word menu bar. The DCF system provides some useful features to record multiple prices for a given construction component or equipment or for a government occupation. It lets the user navigate between observations and also between products. The system provides automatic computation of intermediate and total calculations on the forms. This "Auto Calculation" feature can be turned ON or OFF by the user as desired.

For more information on files relating to ICP Data Capture Forms, contact Amy Lee:

Equipment, Construction and Compensation Data Validation Module

The Equipment, Construction and Compensation Data Validation Module (ECC-DVM) is an Excel-based software for Regional Coordinators. It enables comparison of prices on ECC products across selected countries in a region. The input to this system comes from the ICP DCF (Data Capture Forms) system used by the countries to record ECC prices data. The software computes average prices for each of the ECC products from the individual observations.

The averages for compensation are standardized based on a standard work day or week of 8 hours/day or 40 hours/week -- before being displayed across countries for comparison purposes.

The system also presents the average prices converted using exchange rates to any numeraire or to a selected base currency. The system has features to produce a data file in an Excel format that can be loaded into the ICP Tool Pack for processing of Quaranta tables and for index number aggregation.

For more information, contact Amy Lee:

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