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Evaluation of Previous Rounds of ICP

The reports below are in chronological order.

·         Evaluation of the International Comparison Program  by Jacob Ryten

·         Observations of the World Bank on Ryten by World Bank

·          Review of PPP Program by Ian Castle

·         UNSC's Call for Plan of Action, by UNSC. Report on the 30th session.

·         Report of the World Bank on Measures to Improve the Effectiveness of ICP, by World Bank
This report is a follow-up to the evaluation of the ICP prepared by Jacob Ryten. It starts with a brief review of the objectives of the organizational structure and the output of ICP; and then highlights areas where significant progress has been made in addressing issues underlined in the Ryten report as needing immediate attention, flags areas where further progress remains to be made an outlines practical steps towards addressing the outstanding issues.

·         Report on the 31st Session, by UNSC

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