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Operational Procedures


Guidelines for construction sector comparison: Executive Summary

The ICP is using the Basket of Construction Components Approach (BOCC) for construction sector comparisons. In 2004 the BOCC approach was formalized in a series of three reports submitted to the World Bank.


Report 1: Implementation Framework for the Basket of Construction Components Approach

This report  provides the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings for the BOCC method. In this report critique of the existing methods for construction sector comparisons is provided. Design issues for the BOCC method are described in detail. It is appropriate for a researcher who is interested in understanding the fundamental issues pertaining to BOCC.


Report 2: Process for Implementation of the Basket of Construction Components Approach

This report is useful for the actual implementation of the BOCC approach. It is a useful source of information for the ICP Regional Coordinators and National Coordinators. It highlights and explains the hierarchical structure of the BOCC approach. Key definitions of the BOOC concepts are provided in this report.


Report 3Identification of Construction Systems and Components for the BOCC Approach

This report is a key resource for the National Statistical Organizations (NSOs), their representatives, price collectors and any construction experts that NSOs retain for construction sector price comparisons. This report lists the three baskets, construction systems, and construction components under the BOCC approach. Construction components in the form of Standard Product Descriptions (SPD) are provided in this report. The report serves as a basic guideline for the complete implementation of the BOCC approach at a national level. As an implementation guideline report 3 should be considered as a starting point.



Guidelines for comparison of Equipment Goods

The principles involved in the design of PS/SPDs for Equipment Goods are set out in this paper. It also includes an explanation of the format of the PS/SPDs and is expected to serve as a guide to Regional Coordinators and National Statistical Offices for choosing items and collecting prices. To see the list of equipment goods to be priced in the 2003-2006 survey,  click here.



Guidelines for comparison of the Health sector


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