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Governance Framework

The Governance Framework establishes institutional responsibilities and organizational arrangements. It specifies the roles and responsibilities of the executive, managerial and advisory bodies, and the procedures that they follow, which ensure that the International Comparison Program is run to high standards both globally and regionally.

New ICP Governance
The governance structure of the ICP is composed of these layers:

  • Executive Board: An international Executive Board provides leadership, determines strategic priorities, and approves annual work programs.
  • Technical Advisory Board: This board advises on the technical issues linked to the conceptual integrity and methodological adequacy of the ICP.
  • Global Office: A Global Office housed in the World Bank manages the day-to-day coordination of the program, working closely with regional and national offices.
  • Regional Offices: Regional implementing agencies in Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Western Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Latin America work with National Coordinators to ensure comparable data. Each regional office has formed its own Advisory Board.

Independent of the ICP, Eurostat and the OECD are jointly coordinating their regular program of volume and price comparisons.

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