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Global Office

The ICP Global Office is located at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington, DC. It consists of the Global Manager supported by a team of professional and administrative staff. The Global Office reports to the Executive Board and prepares annual work programs and budgets for its approval. Its activities are financed from the ICP Global Trust Fund established at the World Bank. It follows World Bank administrative and fiduciary rules and regulations.

The Global Office reports, through the Global Manager, to the Director of the Development Data Group in the World Bank. On matters related to the execution and implementation of the ICP mission, policy, programs, priorities and standards, the Global Manager acts within Executive Board directives and within the framework of Board-approved work programs and budgets.

Functions of Global Office
The Global Office carries out the day-to-day work required to implement the ICP at the international level. Its functions include:

  • Overall coordination and implementation of the ICP with the regional coordinating agencies
  • Preparation of annual budgets and work programs
  • Provision of secretariat functions to the Executive Board
  • Development of ICP standards to be promulgated by the Board
  • Preparation of reference frameworks, methodological documents, and data processing tools
  • Liaison with and technical support for the regional implementing agencies
  • Global data aggregation, analysis and dissemination
  • Networking and coordination with TAG and other agencies such as Eurostat and OECD
  • Preparing and distributing quarterly progress reports to the Executive Board
  • Financial management, accounting and reporting

The Global Office prepares timely progress reports for both the Executive Board and the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC). All reports, once approved, are public documents and accessible to anyone wishing to inspect them.

ICP Global Office Team
MichelMouyelo-Katoula, Michel
ICP Global Manager

Dikhanov, Yuri
Senior Economist/Statistician
MathieuDjayeola, Mathieu Biokou
NadaHamadeh, Nada
Statistical Officer

Lee, Min Ji
Junior Professional Associate

Kyung Sam Min

Min, Kyung Sam
Senior Statistician


Prieto-Oramas, Beatriz

Marko Olavi Rissanen

Rissanen, Marko


Romand, Virginia


Song, Inyoung


Vogel, Frederic


Yamanaka, Mizuki


Zamora, Estela Driz


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