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Technical Advisory Group

The role of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is to provide input to the Global Office and regional coordinators to resolve methodological problems inherent in the program regarding the estimation of regional Purchasing Power Parities and PPP-deflated GDP expenditures, link the regional PPPs to obtain global results, adopt data access policies, and prepare regional and global reports. 

Specific roles and responsibilities follow:

  • Review the methodology proposed for the ICP 2011, identify problem areas, and recommend actions resolve them.  The TAG may propose additional research or analysis if needed to solve the problems.
  • Provide input on problems coming from unforeseen circumstances.
  • Provide input where methodology differs between regions to improve the comparability.  This includes the difficulty to compare components of the GDP such as dwelling rents, government expenditures, and construction.
  • Review the ICP Handbook and operational manuals and provide input about the scope of the content and its adequacy for use by the regional and national coordinators.
  • Review and evaluate research activities undertaken by the Global Office.
  • Provide the Global Manager with a review of the global results before publication.

Members:  The members are internationally known experts. They represent international organizations, national statistical agencies and premier learning institutions.

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