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Working Groups

ICP National Accounts Working Group (INAG)


The Global Office is establishing a working group on National Accounts for ICP whose overall objective is to support the Global Office in ensuring that detailed GDP expenditures compiled by the countries participating in the 2011 round of ICP are sound in terms of the adherence to the SNA-93 and comparable across the countries. For the INAG Terms of Reference, please click here

INAG-Meeting 01: Washington DC, February 16-17, 2011


PPP Computation Task Force (CoTaF)

The overall objective of the CoTaF is to support the Global Office in ensuring that the ICP results at regional and global levels are computed in full accordance with the methods recommended by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). For the CoTaF Terms of Reference, please click here

CoTaF-Meeting 03: Washington DC, October 4, 2011

CoTaF-Meeting 02: Washington DC, April 18, 2011

CoTaF-Meeting 01: Washington DC, October 20, 2011


Validation Experts Group (VEG)

The overall objective of the Validation Experts Group is to support the ICP Global Office in validating across the regions price, expenditure and other data they provide for the global comparison. 

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