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ICP Outreach Activities

The ICP Global Office is responsible for outreach activities aimed to increase the awareness, understanding and data use of the ICP including data limitations and the caveats that accompany them. The 2011 PPPs constitute a global public good that the ICP wants to be widely used and shared by the ICP communities and stakeholders at all levels (e.g. international, regional, national organizations, as well as the private sector and academia). It lays special emphases on the main uses of PPP statistics and ensures that effective means of sharing ICP knowledge and disseminating relevant results are used.

In particular are the following seminars and blogs:

·         The 59th International Statistical Institute World Statistics Congress took place in Hong Kong, China from August 25-30, 2013. The session entitled “Measuring the real size of the world economy: Methodological and quality improvements of the International Comparison Program” was organized by the ICP Global Manager. Members of the Technical Advisory Group, Regional Coordinators as well as Global Office staff contributed and presented papers.

·         The Washington Statistical Society held a seminar titled “Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy - Methodology and Challenges” at the Bureau of Labor Statistics on November 6, 2013 in Washington DC. The ICP Global Manager, the co-Chair of the Technical Advisory Group and a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania briefed participants on the conceptual framework of the ICP and presented an overview of the statistical methods used to estimate Purchasing Power Parities, changes made from the ICP 2005 round, and the possible impact on the final ICP 2011 results.

·         The World Bank Africa Statistics Practice Group celebrated African Statistics Day on November 8, 2013 with the theme “Promoting Quality Statistics for Africa’s Progress”. One of the event's parallel session was on "International Comparison Program for measuring Africa’s progress". The ICP Team Leader made a presentation on the International Comparison Program and its application within Africa, the upcoming release of the results of the 2011 round of the program, and the way ahead.

·         The ICP Global Office posts announcements on the progress of the program regarding the 2011 round of the ICP via the Open Data blog website ( The Global Office readily responds to comments received from the blogs.


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