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Statistical Capacity Building Activities

The ICP 2011 Executive Board in its first meeting held on October 14, 2009, indicated that “there is a need to highlight the capacity-building elements in the ICP, and link them to the capacity building agenda of PARIS21. There is also a need to establish synergies with other capacity-building programs such as the System of National Accounts (SNA). The capacity-building needs of the countries should be assessed in the planning stage”.

Synergies were established between the capacity building elements of the ICP and the agenda of PARIS21, especially the design and implementation of National Strategies for the Development of Statistics. The ICP capacity building activities built on relevant best practices, such as the African Development Bank’s program to strengthen statistical capacity in African Countries under the framework of the ICP-Africa.

ICP experiences in the 2005 round were fruitful and successful in most regions, as the results the ICP provided a crucial information base for research in comparative analysis and policymaking in relevant economic areas. They also served as capacity building platforms in the areas of prices and national accounts statistics. More substantial benefits were be derived from the 2011 exercise by mainstreaming ICP activities through National Strategies for the Development of Statistics aimed at enhancing the infrastructure of national statistical systems. Other capacity building activities included the development of training modules, the organisation of training sessions at regional and country level on the various ICP methods, as well as partnership with universities and statistical training centres in each region in the world, with a view to ensuring that ICP theory and methods are included in their curricula. Also, a book on PPP theory, methodologies and computation processes (Measuring the real size of world economies) was prepared and the ICP website was revamped and is continually updated to better serve as a repository of ICP knowledge resources and a research window.

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