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ICP Survey Framework

The guidelines and outline for survey frameworks to be implemented in the ICP 2011 were developed through a participatory approach involving the ICP Global Office, the Regional Coordinators and the Technical Advisory Group. Two categories of surveys are to be considered: the main price survey on household consumption products and the other special surveys related to health, education, housing, and gross fixed capital formation.

The framework for the main survey should build on the CPI Infrastructure. Emphasis is laid on how best the price collection infrastructure existing in the country will be used, with a view to minimizing the extra-cost needed to carry out the additional work required by the ICP.

It’s recommended in the framework that the sampling approach should cover five main aspects, namely:

1. Geographical coverage and stratification (Where will data collection take place: which regions/provinces/districts in the country, which locations: cities, towns, etc.),

2. Outlets Selection (In which outlets will prices be collected?),

3. Item Selection (How many items will be surveyed in the country? In which outlets will prices be collected? It is recommended that, for each basic heading, each country should select at least 1 item from the Global Core List, and at least 3 items from the Regional list),

4. Price Quotations (How many price quotations are expected for these items? It is proposed that for each item, each quarter, at least 3 price quotations are required from each location where a particular item is available), and

5. Frequency of Data Collection (Each participating country will price each available item at least quarterly).

In terms of means of data collection, the survey framework in each country should describe the distribution of the survey personnel (data collectors, supervisors, data entry clerks) and their assigned areas in the country. It must also be indicated how the data collection material and equipment will be distributed and used in order to effectively collect price data.

As regards ICP special surveys, countries may not need to estimate the cost of surveys on machinery and equipment and construction. The regional coordinators will work with the national implementation agencies so as to find the best ways to conduct these surveys. Given the technicalities involved it is recommended that National Statistical Offices should procure the services of machinery and equipment experts and construction specialists to help them collect the prices of relevant items.

Other special surveys related to Health, Education, and Housing will require ad hoc survey frameworks in line with the National Accounts requirements in terms of geographical coverage, exhaustiveness, and time span.

Where applicable, the budget for the implementation of the above surveys should be included in the survey framework, showing the number of staff per category, the number of periods, the unit cost and the total amount necessary for the surveys. The budget must show, for each category which part of the cost will be covered by the national budget and the extra cost expected from external institutions.


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