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A. Deaton proposed a poverty agenda that included points about improving the quality and consistency of household survey data, the need for improved spatial pricing and geo-referencing sampled outlets.

The spatial pricing issues overlap with the research item regarding survey frameworks.  However, there needs to be more synergy between the ICP and the household surveys.

A working group comprised of A. Deaton, O. Dupriez, and M. Ravallian should lead the effort to identify a “core set of data” required for poverty purposes that should be included in household surveys. The work group should prepare recommendations for location parameters that need to be furnished for sample outlets such as—city, suburban, town, and rural with rural further defined as urban fringe, distant, or remote based on household survey expenditures and the distribution of the population.

  Research Item 08: Poverty





Spatial price differences within large countries


Poverty Related Issues for the 2011 ICP Round 


Price Levels and Economic Growth: Making Sense of the PPP Changes between ICP Rounds

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