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About the ICP Research Agenda

At the conclusion of the October 1-2, 2009 meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), it provided a list of 10 areas of ICP methodology which continued to cause difficulties with the estimation of expenditure breakdowns and Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs).


Research Topics

1.     Owner-Occupied Housing

2.     Treatment of Financial Services

3.     Measurement of Government Outputs

4.     Problems with the Review of Survey Frameworks, and the Use of Representativity Indicators

5.     Treatment of Exports and Imports, and adjustment of Household Consumption for Net Purchases Abroad

6.     Aggregation and linking Issues

7.     Construction PPPs

8.     Poverty 

9.     Extrapolating PPPs between Benchmarks and Estimation of PPPs for Non Benchmark Countries

10.  Sub-national PPPs 



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