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Papers for the 2nd ICP TAG Meeting - February 17-19, 2010

Status Report on ICP Research and Collaboration on Specific Areas


Status of Collaboration on Education, Health, Government, Energy, Water and Transport 

Nada Hamadeh

Research Item 01: Owner-Occupied Housing


An Exploration of Alternative Treatments of Owner- Occupied Housing in a CPI 

Keith Woolford


Housing in Western Asia 

Alan Heston and Nada Hamadeh



Global Office


Final report on land price separation study 

INE, Portugal for Eurostat


Housing in ICP 2011 : Issues to be Resolved 

Derek Blades


Notes on the Treatment of Housing in the National Accounts and the ICP 

W. Erwin Diewert


Reconciling User Costs and Rental - Equivalence: Evidence from the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey 

Thesia I. Garner, Randal Verbrugge


The Decomposition of a House Price index into Land and Structures Components: A Hedonic Regression Approach 

W. Erwin Diewert, Jan de Haan and Rens Hendriks


The Paris OECD-IMF Workshop on Real Estate Price Indexes: Conclusions and Future Directions 

Erwin Diewert


The Puzzling Divergence of Rents and User Costs, 1980–2004 

Randal Verbrugge


The Puzzling Divergence of U.S. Rents and User Costs, 1980-2004: Summary and Extensions 

Thesia I. Garner and Randal Verbrugge


User Cost for Rents of Dwellings in the West Balkan Countries 

OECD and Statistics Norway

Research Item 02: Financial Services


Report of the Technical Advisory Working Group on Financial Services 

Erwin Diewert, Paul McCarthy, Kim Zieschang

Research Item 03: Measurement of Government Outputs-


Chapter 18: Health and Education 

Global Office

Research Item 04: Problems with the Review of Survey Frameworks, and the use of representativity indicators


Are integration and comparison between CPIs and PPPs feasible? 

Luigi Biggeri and Tiziana Laureti


Family of Consumer Price Indices for Different Purposes - The CPIs for Sub-groups of Population 

Luigi Biggeri and Laura Leoni


The interpretation of the PPPs: a method for measuring the factors that affect the comparisons and the integration with the CPI work at regional level 

Luigi Biggeri , Rita De Carli and Tiziana Laureti


Notes on representativity 

Global Office


Survey Framework for the ICP Price Collection 

Frederic Vogel


Income Effect and Urban-Rural Price Differentials from the Household Survey Perspective 

Yuri Dikhanov

Research Item 05: Treatment of Exports and Imports, and adjustment of Household Consumption for Net Purchases Abroad


Treatment of Exports and Imports 

Paul McCarthy and Sergey Sergeev


Adjustment of household consumption for net purchases abroad 

Paul McCarthy and Sergey Sergeev

Research Item 06: Aggregation and linking Issues


Similarity Indexes and Criteria for Spatial Linking 

Erwin Diewert


The evaluation of the approaches for the linking of the regions at the aggregated levels 

Sergey Sergeev


A note on the Methodology for Linking the Regions within the ICP 

Prasada Rao


A Note on Sergeev’s Democratic Method of Linking Regions at the Basic Heading Level 

Erwin Diewert


Global GEKS 

Yuri Dikhanov


Approaches to Linking the Regions 

Erwin Diewert

Research Item 07: Construction PPPs


A New Approach to International Construction Price Comparisons 

Rick Best, Jim Meikle and Paul Thomas

Research Item 08: Poverty


Poverty Related Issues for the 2011 ICP Round 

Angus Deaton

Research Item 09: Extrapolating PPPs between benchmarks and estimation of PPPs for non benchmark countries


Estimation of PPPs for Non-Benchmark Economies for the 2005 ICP Round 

Changqing Sun and Eric Swanson

Research Item 10: Sub-national PPPs


Sub National PPPs based on integration with CPIs - Research Project, Draft Proposal 

Luigi Biggeri et al


Additional paper:

Price Levels and Economic Growth: Making Sense of the PPP Changes between ICP Rounds, Martin Ravallion


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