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Documents for the ICP Workshop 01 - African Development Bank


[01Guidelines for the User Cost Method to Calculate Rents for Owner Occupied Housing 

[02] Form A: ICP Dwelling Services Questionnaire, Volume of Housing in 2008

[03] Assessing Efficiency of Elementary Indices with Monte Carlo Simulations 

[04] Sensitivity of PPP-Based Income Estimates to Choice of Aggregation Procedures 

[05] New Methodological Developments for the International Comparison Program

[06] Survey Forms for Household Consumption 

[07] ICP-SUT Numerical Examples 



[P01] General Presentation of the ICP 2011 

[P02] ICP Research Agenda 

[P03] Important Product 

[P04] ICP Quality Assurance Framework and Checklists 

[P05] Data Access Policy 

[P06Supply Use Tables 

[P07] Survey Framework for ICP Price Collection 

[P08] Ethiopia's NA & ICP Capacity 

[P09] Kenya: ICP Capacity 


Additional documents can be downloaded from the 2nd Regional Coordinators meeting web page.

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