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ICP Operational Material


1. Household Consumption Price Surveys

1.1. Main Price Survey

1.1.01. Brief Overall Survey Framework Outline (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish) 

1.1.02. Survey Framework Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

1.1.03. ICP 2011 Household Consumption Price Survey Forms (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

1.1.04. Global Core List

1.1.05. Process for Developing the ICP 2011 Regional Lists (English)

1.1.06. Important Products (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

Matrix of Availability and Importance (English)

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Basic Headings (English

1.1.07. CPI Metadata Questionnaire for 2011 ICP Round (English) (Arabic)

1.1.08. Outlet Definition (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

1.1.09. Addition to the Global Core List 

1.2. Housing Rental Survey

1.2.01. Rental Specifications (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

1.2.02. Presentation on Dwelling Services in the ICP 2011 (English)

1.3. Private Health

1.3.01. Private Health - Operational Guide (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

1.3.02. Presentation on Private Health (English)

1.4. Private Education

1.4.01. Private Education Guidelines (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

1.4.02. Private Education - Survey Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

1.4.03. Presentation on Private Education in the ICP 2011 (English)

1.5. Water

1.5.01. Collection Form of Water Tariff (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)  NEW! - 06/04/12 

1.6. Technology Products

1.6.01. Fast Evolving Technology Products (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

1.6.02. PPPs for Technology Products with Country Brand Model Dummy [CBMD] Method (English)

1.6.03. Presentation on Fast Evolving Technology Products (English)

2. Gross Capital Formation

2.1. Machinery and Equipment

2.1.01. Machinery and Equipment (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

2.1.02. Machinery and Equipment Goods Questionnaire (English - Arabic - French - Spanish) 

2.1.03. Presentation on Validation of Equipment Goods Data (English)

2.2. Construction and Civil Engineering

2.2.01. A New Approach to International Construction Price Comparison (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

2.2.02. ICP Construction Price Survey Form (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

2.2.03. Construction Survey: Notes on Selection Criteria for National Experts (English) 

2.2.04. Presentation on Construction & Civil Engineering: Operational Aspects (English)


1. General Guidelines

1.1. Framework and Practices

1.1.01. National Accounts Framework in ICP (English)

1.1.02. The ICP and National Accounts Practices (English) (Arabic)

1.1.03. Presentation on National Accounts Activities & Reporting Requirements (English)

1.1.04. Presentation on National Accounts Framework (English)

1.2. Classification

1.2.01. Classification of Final Expenditure on GDP, 2003-2005 (English)

1.2.02. ICP Classification (English-Arabic-French-Spanish)

1.2.03. Information on the ICP Classification (English)

1.2.04. Presentation on Basic Headings (English)

1.3. Validation Tools

1.3.01. Model Report on Expenditure Statistics (MORES) - Excel version (English) (Arabic)(French) (Spanish 

1.3.02. GDP Splitting - Completed MORES (English)

1.3.03. National Accounts Forms (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

1.3.04. Presentation on the National Accounts Forms and Data for the ICP (English) (Arabic)(French) (Spanish

1.3.05. GDP Exhaustiveness Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish) 

1.3.06. GDP Exhaustiveness Questionnaire: Simplified Version (English)

1.3.07. GDP Exhaustiveness Questionnaire: Very Simplified Version (English)

1.3.08. National Accounts Quality Assurance Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

1.3.09. Presentation on Data Validation of National Accounts in the ICP 2011 (English)

1.3.10. Presentation on Five Approaches for Splitting GDP Expenditures (English)

2. Comparison Resistant Areas Related to Household Consumption

2.1. Housing Approach and Expenditures

2.1.01. Dwelling Services in ICP 2011 (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

2.1.02. Guidelines for the User Cost Method to Calculate Rents for Owner Occupied Housing (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

2.1.03. ICP Dwelling Services Questionnaire: Volume of Housing in 2011 (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish) 

3. Comparison Resistant Areas Related to Government Services

3.1. Government Occupations

3.1.01. Information required on Government for the ICP 2011 (English)  (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)

3.1.02. Government Occupations, DCF & Indicators (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish

3.1.03. Questionnaire on Government Expenditure (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish)  

3.1.04. Presentation on Compensation of Government Employees (English

4. Expenditures on Capital Formation

4.1. Machinery and Equipment

4.1.01. Calculating Approximate PPPs Using the Price Factor Method (English) (Arabic) (Spanish

4.2. Construction and Civil Engineering

4.2.01. National Accounts Supply and Use Tables (SUT) Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French) (Spanish



1. Quality Assurance

1.1. Framework

1.1.01. Quality Assurance Framework (English

1.2. Check List

1.2.02. Quality Assurance Check List - Global Office, Part I (English)
        Quality Assurance Check List - Global Office, Part II (

1.2.03. Quality Assurance Check List - National Coordinating Agency, Part I (English)
        Quality Assurance Check List - National Coordinating Agency, Part II (

1.2.04. Quality Assurance Check List - Regional Coordinating Agency, Part I (English)
        Quality Assurance Check List - Regional Coordinating Agency, Part II (

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