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ICP User's Conference

Washington DC - October 19, 2010

The World Bank is organizing an international Conference of the users of the International Program Comparison (ICP) statistics.

The main purpose is to bring together the ICP users and partners to explore new or underutilized applications of purchasing power parity (PPP) data and methodologies. The conference participants are expected to be potential users outside the scope of traditional PPP applications, or existing users who would potentially have new ways to apply PPP methods. Such new uses would also likely need expansion and enhancements to the scope of PPP data collection and analysis.

The ultimate goal of the Conference is to increase the understanding of the ICP and to target audiences by defining the best way to reach the ICP community at national, international, private sector and academia levels.

If you are an ICP user and would like to attend the conference, or submit a paper and/or suggestions, please send an email to

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