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The First Regional Workshop - Beirut

The First Regional Workshop  was held from July 21-22 and brought together the National Coordinators of the 14 ESCWA member countries, to: (i) learn about the methodological innovations and improvements, the quality assurance framework, the scope of activities to be undertaken by the countries, and the timetable of the ICP 2011 round at global level; (ii) report on the status of preparations at country level, the existing infrastructure, national capacities, as well as technical assistance needed; (iii) review the regional timetable and milestones; (iii) be introduced into the National Accounts Framework for the ICP and the related activities to be undertaken by the countries using the forms developed by the Global Office; (iv) be updated on the improvement or development of methods for housing, government services, health, education, machinery and equipment, and construction and civil engineering; (v) agree on the preparation of brief survey frameworks for the main price survey; (vi) review the Global core list and the related matrix of availability and importance of items completed by the countries; (vii) agree on the procedure for finalizing the development of the regional list of items for the main survey; (viii) plan out the preparations for the second regional workshop to be held in September 2010, in Jordan.

The countries agreed to:

  • Review their respective matrices of product availability and importance for the Global Core list and resubmit them by August 4, 2010 for consolidation by the ESCWA regional coordinator and onward transmission to the GO by August 6, 2010;
  • Submit their comments on the Global core list according to the same deadlines;
  • Prepare their survey frameworks for the main survey as per the template proposed by the GO [see Annex 1] and submit them to their heads of NSOs for decision. The survey frameworks should be submitted to the ESCWA regional coordinator ahead of the September workshop;
  • Submit their comments on the regional list in time for them to be consolidated into the final draft to be discussed in September;
  • Participate in the next workshop to be held at the end of September, in Jordan. The Global Office proposed a draft agenda as shown in Annex 2.

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