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Presentations for the 1st INAG Meeting - February 16-17, 2011

1.      ICP National Accounts Working Group (INAG) Terms of Reference 

2.      Role of the National Accounts in the ICP

3.      National Accounts Activities & Reporting Forms for the 2011 ICP

4.      Splitting GDP Expenditures for the ICP

5.      Supply and Use Tables Commodity Flow 

6.      Ensuring the Consistency of National Accounts for the ICP 

7.      PPPs for Dwellings 

8.      User Cost Estimates for Dwelling Services

9.      Questionnaire on Volume of Dwelling Services 

10.    Government Occupations

11.    Government CFC 

12.    Machinery and Equipment Price Factor Method 

13.    Outline of Regional National Accounts Workshops

14.    Technical Assistance Needs and National Accounts Workshops 

15.    General Review Pacific Region – Situation & Challenges  

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