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Operational Guidelines and Procedures for Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy


The ICP Operational Guidelines and Procedures for Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy is a compilation of ICP operational material prepared by the ICP Global Office staff and consultants for the 2011 round of the program. It describes the approach and data requirements for the main price survey and special surveys, including various guidelines produced and survey forms. It also covers the framework and requirements for National Accounts activities for the ICP. In addition, the Guide offers guidelines for data validation, computing national annual averages, calculating PPPs, aggregation, and linking.

The Guide uses material prepared under the ICP global and regional programs, as well as OECD and Eurostat material on their PPP program. The Guide also relies on material from the ICP book, Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy.


Operational Guide Chapters - Draft version

I. Introduction and Purpose

II. Overall Framework

  1. National Accounts Framework for the ICP  

  2. ICP Classifications

  3. ICP Data Types

III. Approach and Data Requirements

  4. Household Consumption 

  5. Fast-Evolving Technology Items 

  6. Water  

  7. Private Health 

  8. Private Education

  9. Housing 

10. Government 

11. Machinery and Equipment 

12. Construction 

IV. Data Validation

13. Validation Tables

14. Household Consumption 

15. Housing 

16. Government 

17. Machinery and Equipment 

18. Construction

19. Availability and Importance Indicators 

20. National Accounts 

21. PPP Validation 

V. National Annual Averages

22. Computation of National Annual Averages 

VI. PPP Computation and Linking

23. PPP Computation at BH Level 

24. Reference PPPs 

25. PPP Aggregation Steps 

26. Linking Steps 

VII. Data Management

27. Data Archiving Guidelines 

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