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ICP 2011 Media & Blog Coverage

Vanity Fair article
Source Title Author Date
Vanity Fair The Chinese Century Joseph E. Stiglitz January 1, 2015
Fansided China Overtakes US As World's Largest Economy CM Towle December 29, 2014
Financial Times The most popular stories of 2014   December 18, 2014
Opinion World Bank isn't telling it like it is Surjit S Bhalla October 11, 2014
World Bank Blogs Parsing the challenges of measuring poverty and shared prosperity Peter Lanjouw October 10, 2014
World Bank Live (video) Measuring Poverty and Prosperity Stephen O'Connell, Kaushik Basu, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Nora Lustig, James Foster, Peter Lanjouw, Dean Jolliffe October 9, 2014
Vox The World Bank summed up the entire global economy in one chart Matthew Yglesias August 10, 2014
Business Standard Not as poor? New World Bank data could skew poverty debate n/a August 7, 2014
Financial Times IMF voting needs change whatever the measure Richard N Cooper July 20, 2014
World Bank Blogs Full set of International Comparison Program 2011 results now available Nada Hamadeh / Morgan Brannon July 15, 2014
The Jakarta Post Inequality, Indonesia's unfinished business Mickael Bobby Hoelman June 10, 2014
Caxin Will China's Economy Surpass the United States' in 2014? Richard N. Cooper June 6, 2014
The Financial Express BD poverty rate set to drop as economy crosses $400 mark Jasim Uddin Haroon May 20, 2014
The New York Times: NYT Opinion Pages China Isn't Overtaking America Michael A. Levi May 13, 2014
CNN: Glopal Public Square Is China really about to overtake the U.S.? Fareed Zakaria May 12, 2014
The Daily: Stat Can The World Bank International Comparison Program for purchasing power: Overall ranking of countries, 2011 Statistics Canada May 9, 2014
Financial Times World Bank eyes biggest global poverty line increase in decades Shawn Donnan May 9, 2014
World Bank Blogs Playing with and Understanding Purchasing Power Parities Kaushik Basu May 8, 2014
Center for Global Development India's Puzzling New PPP Martin Ravallion May 8, 2014
World Bank Blogs Statistical Earthquakes Homi Kharas /
Laurence Chandy
May 7, 2014
Wall Street Journal China Doesn't Want Its Economy to Be No. 1 Mark Magnier May 6, 2014
Brookings Blog What Do New Price Data Mean for the Goal of Ending Extreme Poverty? Laurence Chandy / Homi Kharas May 5, 2014
Project-syndicate China is Still Number Two Jeffrey Frankel May 5, 2014
China Daily Pulling ahead in purchasing power Mike Bastin May 5, 2014
The Economist Measuring GDP - The dragon takes wing   May 3, 2014
Pulso Los emergentes suman fuerza en el PIB global: ¿será China la mayor economía este año? María José Pérez-Barros May 2, 2014
Global Development: Views from the CenterEconomic Growth Global Absolute Poverty Fell by Almost Half on Tuesday Sarah Dykstra, Charles Kenny and Justin Sandefur May 2, 2014 Classement des économies : des chiffres surprenants Yves Rivard May 2, 2014
The Atlantic The China Story You Should Pay Attention to, and the One You Should Ignore James Fallows May 1, 2014
World Bank Blogs ICP 2011: 7 Million Prices, 199 Economies, 8 Regions, and 15 Partners Haishan Fu April 30, 2014
The Washington Post China rejects sign it may soon be No. 1 economy   April 30, 2014
The Wall Street Journal China's Economy Surpassing U.S.? Well, Yes and No Tom Wright April 30, 2014
The New York Times By One Measure, China Set to Become Largest Economy Michael Forsythe and Neil Gough April 30, 2014
The Economist: Daily chart Crowning the dragon: China will become the world's largest economy by the end of the year J.M.F. and L.P. April 30, 2014
National Public Radio (NPR): U.S. ... "The international comparison program in Washington which feeds deeded to the UN and the World Bank says China will become the world's biggest economy this year.."   April 30, 2014
Le La Banque mondiale publie son classement des économies   April 30, 2014
Financial Times Blog Benoît Cœuré on the Rajan-Fed spat Claire Jones April 30, 2014
Financial Times Blog Global economic inequality falls sharply, says World Bank James Kynge April 30, 2014
Financial Times - Q & A China overtakes the US: your questions answered Chris Giles April 30, 2014
Fox Business Network - U.S. Cable: After the Bell (News) ..."China could overtake the U.S as the world's number one economy sooner than anticipated. A new report from the World Bank suggests China could surpass the U.S. as early as this year.."   April 30, 2014
Financial Times China poised to pass US as world's leading economic power this year Chris Giles April 30, 2014
Europe 1 L'économie chinoise va détrôner celle des Etats-Unis dès 2014 Anne-Julie Contenay April 30, 2014
CNN Money China's economy bigger than believed, new study claims Charles Riley April 30, 2014
CNN: U.S. Cable .."Meanwhile, china is set to pass the united states as the world's largest economy. the world bank predicts that it will happen this year.." Berman and Michaela (News) April 30, 2014
Bloomberg China May Be Biggest Economy, But Not the Best William Pesek April 30, 2014
BCC News Is China about to overtake US as the world's largest economy? Linda Yueh April 30, 2014
BBC World News ...144 years the United States has been the world's biggest economy but yes China is catching up fast. China could overtake the U.S..."   April 30, 2014
BBC World News ..."Based on data from the World Bank hand behind the financial times calculates that China's economy will overtake the U.S. later this year.."   April 30, 2014
Reuters: Business & Financial News Switzerland, Norway are world's most expensive economies Krista Hughes April 29, 2014
Bloomberg News China Set to Overtake U.S. as Biggest Economy Using PPP Measure Bloomberg News (Kevin Hamlin. Editor: Paul Panckhurst. Rina Chandran) April 29, 2014 Afrique: Publication des résultats sommaires du Programme de comparaison internationale 2011 - le rapport compare la taille réelle des économies mondiales   April 29, 2014

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