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Development Grant Facility Financing for Statistical Capacity Building

The World Bank is providing grants of about $7.5 million per year through the Development Grant Facility to support statistical capacity building and the implementation of MAPS. The following activities are being funded in FY2006.



  • To mainstream strategic planning for statistical development: grant of $1.5m to Paris21 to develop and disseminate good practice material and technical advice.
  • Prepare for the 2010 census round: grant of $1m to UNSD to provide technical advice, advocacy and support.
  • International Household Survey Network: grant of $0.9m to Paris21 to implement an agreed set of tasks.
  • Improve MDG monitoring: grant of $200,000 to UNHabitat to work on urban indicators; grant of $180,000 to UNESCO Institute for Statisticsto work on education indicators; grant of $2m to Paris21 to support new "accelerated data program" in pilot countries.

For more information about the DGF MAPS project, click here. 


PES (Program for Education Statistics)

  • To improve education statistics: grant of $1.6m to UNESCO Institute for Statistics to support their work program.

For more information about the DGF PES project, click here. 




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