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GDDS Project (Phase II): Modules for Strengthening Statistics

The General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) Project Phase II, "Modules for Strengthening Statistics", was initiated in September 2006 as collaboration among 17 Anglophone African countries plus Mozambique. The United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) has provided the funding and broad oversight, while the IMF and World Bank are executing a technical assistance program to help these 18 client countries build statistical capacity consistent with their national priorities. The project was designed within the framework of the GDDS, with the IMF covering macroeconomic and financial statistics and the World Bank covering socio-demographic statistics.


The objective of the GDDS II project is to improve statistics in developing countries by assisting them in: 1. drafting plans for improvement in defined areas; 2. implementing these plans; and 3. making meta data available in order to improve the transparency of the data.


Under the project, the World Bank is supporting seven modules. These seven modules are: Agriculture, Justice & Security, Management, Labor, Population, GIS, Health. Each module focuses on a defined subject area. Each participating country has selected two modules based on their expressed needs. In general, each module involves a launch workshop, a series of three bilateral technical assistance missions, and a final closing workshop to review and report on progress.

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