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Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS)

As a step in promoting stronger collaboration in the area of statistical development among development partners, PARIS21 has prepared a Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS), which collects and analyzes information on support to statistical development by financial and technical development partners. PRESS permits an easier exchange of information on statistical activities being carried out and planned in recipient countries.

This initiative is in line with the:

  • Marrakech Action Plan of 2004, promoting National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) that would render national statistical systems more responsive to policy needs and more coherent with respect to available national resources and capacity;and
  • Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness of 2005, which advocated strong commitments to harmonize and align aid delivery by multilateral and bilateral development institutions.


PRESS uses two methods to collect partner information on current and future support to statistic. First, data are extracted from the OECD’s Creditor Reporting System (CRS) for OECD bilateral members, by using specific search words. Second, a questionnaire is sent to all other financial and technical partners, which requests information on statistical projects/programs, including objectives, statistical areas supported, the time period, the type of assistance provided, the type and amount of funding, and the institutional contact person. Explanatory notes on the classification of statistical areas and financial typology accompany the questionnaire. The data are stored in a database, housed and managed by the Secretariat of PARIS21.


The first round of PRESS covered active commitments of partner support to statistics in developing countries over the period 2006-08. The exercise reported on the activities of 45 financial and technical partners in 119 recipient countries. Its main findings include:

  • support to statistics amounted to an estimated USD 550 million
  • Sub-Saharan Africa received more than half - about USD 310 million
  • the European Commission, World Bank, and the United Kingdom gave nearly three-quarters of the total
  • financial support to statistics represented 5 cents for every USD 100 of overall bilateral grants in 2006
  • 15 countries received more than USD 5 million (Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Ukraine, Rwanda, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Uganda, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ghana, Niger, Honduras, Sierra Leone)
  • for these countries, support represented less than 0.1% of their GDP

The results of PRESS 2008 can be found in a 2-volume document on the PARIS21 website at:


For more details, including queries on PRESS results and copies of PRESS reports, contact the PARIS21 Secretariat

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PRESS 2009 Round

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