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Vendor Eligibility Requirements To Receive Contracts

Current and former Bank Group staff, regardless of appointment type held [including but not limited to Regular, Local Staff Regular, Open-ended, Term, Executive Director’s Assistant, Special Assignment, Short Term Consultant (STC), Short Term Temporary (STT), Extended Term Consultant (ETC), Extended Term Temporary (ETT), and Junior Professional Associate (JPA)], are ineligible to be Bank Group vendors or subcontractors to Bank Group vendors, whether as sole proprietors or independent contractors, during their appointment and for a period of twelve months (“Cooling Off Period”) from the termination date of their Bank Group appointment.  This Cooling Off Period also applies to companies in which a current or former Bank Group staff member is an owner, principal, director or officer, or holds a financial interest.  The Cooling Off Period also applies to companies with which close relatives (spouses, parents, full and half siblings, children, aunts, nieces, nephews and domestic partners) of current or former Bank Group staff are owners, principals, directors or officers, or hold a financial interest.  In the context of the Cooling Off Period, “financial interest” does not include negligible stock holdings in entities listed on the S&P 1200.