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Geetanjali Chopra

Communications Associate, India Country Office

From Delhi to Khartoum and back again, Geetanjali Chopra has been a teacher, traveling spouse, and communications guru, and able to see the analogies throughout different phases of her life. "I always wanted to be a teacher and to instill knowledge in children, whom I am very fond of," she says. "Here at the Bank, my work with the media is just as challenging. I'm nurturing relationships, sharing knowledge, and growing with a group of people."

Geetanjali Chopra was born in Delhi. She studied history at a women's school, Lady Shri Ram College, then earned a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in History at Delhi University. She taught children aged 10-11 for one year at the Convent of Jesus and Mary in New Delhi, then got married and followed her husband to Khartoum, Sudan. She lived there for seven years, where she volunteered before joining the Bank's Khartoum office in 1987 as a local hire. She had the primary responsibility for aid coordination, and her work involved liaising with donors and government officials. After one year, she left the office. Soon, however, because of social and political upheaval, the office ceased operations.

In 1993, Chopra joined the Bank's Delhi office. As a communications associate, she enjoys working with project teams to make information on the Bank available to a cross-section of civil society, and designing and creating new communication products. "Especially from my perspective, the Bank is becoming much more transparent," she says. "And we are putting a lot of emphasis on targeting the vernacular media, those journalists who work in Hindi and other local languages in the different states."

In addition to managing the two local language web sites and contributing to and updating the Bank-India website, Chopra also monitors national media reporting and is the chief media liaison. She is also the India Coordinator of the Village Immersion Program. "We are encouraging teams to translate parts or all of their documents into at least Hindi and one other local language."

"I find the media part of my job very interesting," she enthuses. "I'm equally anxious that journalists reach their deadlines, so they are very comfortable with me. The Bank is mentioned very regularly in the press and more often than not, the articles are well researched. Also, I get a lot of support from my colleagues in providing information to the press. We all realize that if you don't give the media the story, someone else will."

Chopra likes to trek and play basketball with her two daughters, aged 12 and 13. They all play together on a co-ed community team in East of Kailash: "Every day that begins is a day of joy," she says, "because the kids are around."

Chopra was first profiled on August 2, 2002.

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