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Consultations to Improve the World Bank Web site

Available in: Español, Français, العربية

The World Bank is soliciting a wide variety of inputs to inform the future direction of its Web site. The online consultation seeks comments from anyone who wishes to discuss their information needs and any difficulties they encounter with the site. The feedback received will directly impact the future design and functionality of the external site by informing Bank management on audience needs.

The input collected will be prioritized by Bank management and will go into overall requirements for the site, which will be shared externally.

We appreciate your comments and welcome your feedback through December 31, 2008.

1.How often do you visit the World Bank Web site (

2. What information are you most often looking for when you visit the World Bank Web site?

3. How could we improve your experience on the World Bank Web site?

4. What other Web sites do you find useful for information about development? Why?

 I am willing to participate in a follow-up discussion about my experience with the World Bank Web site (enter name, email address, and phone number below).

  I would like to receive updates on the development of a new World Bank site (enter email address below).

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6. Where do you live?

7.What best describes the organization you work for?

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