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Public Financial Disclosure for Senior World Bank Group Managers 2010

“As the leaders of the World Bank Group, we have an obligation to those we serve and those who support our work to maintain high standards of business conduct. That includes being a model of good governance practices such as transparency. ”

Robert B. Zoellick, President

The World Bank Group has a financial disclosure program to ensure that any actual, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest arising from staff members’ financial interests, business relationships, other private affiliations or outside activities, or those of their immediate family members, can be identified and managed in the best interests of the Bank Group. Staff members are required to complete and submit their confidential financial disclosures on an annual basis. The Bank Group’s Office of Ethics and Business Conduct administers the program in accordance with Principle 3 under the Principles of Staff Employment and Staff Rule 3.03, Financial Interest and Disclosure.

The 2008 World Bank Group Annual Report announced that for the first time there would be public disclosure of financial and outside interests by the Bank Group’s Senior Management Team. In the spirit and interest of good organizational governance and transparency, the Bank Group’s Senior Management Team had agreed to make summaries of its disclosures public. In 2009, many of the Bank Group’s Vice Presidents also elected to make summaries of their disclosures public. Beginning last year and continuing this year, the Senior Management Team/Vice Presidents Financial Disclosure Program includes public disclosure for all participants with a single exception for security purposes.*

The disclosures filed by the members of the Senior Management Team and Vice Presidents are more comprehensive than under the regular staff program, given the breadth of their responsibilities. The Office of Ethics and Business Conduct reviews in-depth and certifies the disclosures of the Senior Management Team and Vice Presidents. The summary disclosure statements are posted on this site after an independent accounting firm has performed agreed-upon procedures to evaluate the consistency of the summary with the more detailed internally-disclosed information. That agreed-upon procedures engagement is conducted in accordance with standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Senior Management Team members:

Robert B. Zoellick, President (pdf)
Ngozi N. Okonjo-Iweala, (former) Managing Director (pdf)
Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director (pdf)
Mahmoud Mohieldin, Managing Director (pdf)
Vincenzo La Via, Chief Financial Officer (pdf)
Lars H. Thunell, Executive Vice President, International Finance Corporation (pdf)
Izumi Kobayashi, Executive Vice President, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (pdf)
Yifu Lin, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist (pdf)
Anne-Marie Leroy, Senior Vice President and General Counsel (pdf)
Vinod Thomas, (former) Director General, Independent Evaluation (pdf)

Vice Presidents:

James W. Adams, Regional Vice President, East Asia and Pacific (pdf)
Shamshad Akhtar, (former) Vice President, Middle East and North Africa (pdf)
Inger Andersen, Vice President and Head of Network, Sustainable Development (pdf)
Caroline D. Anstey, Vice President, External Affairs (pdf)
Monique Barbut, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Global Environment Facility (pdf)
Dorothy H. Berry, Vice President, Human Resources, Communications and Administration, IFC (pdf)
Clare Brady, Vice President and Auditor General (pdf)
Otaviano Canuto, Vice President and Head of Network, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (pdf)
Pamela Cox, Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean (pdf)
Janamitra Devan, Vice President and Head of Network, Financial and Private Sector Development (pdf)
Obiageli Katryn Ezekwesili, Vice President, Africa (pdf)
Jorge Familiar Calderon, Vice President and Corporate Secretary (pdf)
Isabel M. Guerrero, Vice President, South Asia (pdf)
Rashad-R. Kaldany, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, and Global Infrastructure, IFC (pdf)
Saadia Khairi, Vice President, Risk Management and Strategy, IFC (pdf)
Jyrki I. Koskelo, (former) Vice President, Global Industries and Services, IFC (pdf)
Rachel Kyte, Vice President, Business Advisory Services, IFC (pdf)
Philippe H. Le Houerou, Vice President, Europe and Central Asia (pdf)
Shelley B. Leibowitz, Vice President and World Bank Group Chief Information Officer (pdf)
Tamar Manuelyan Atinc, Vice President and Head of Network, Human Development (pdf)
Leonard Frank McCarthy, Vice President for Institutional Integrity (pdf)
Charles A. McDonough, Vice President and Controller (pdf)
Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President, World Bank Institute (pdf)
Robert V. Pulley, Vice President, Corporate Finance and Risk Management (pdf)
Rachel Robbins, Vice President and General Counsel, IFC (pdf)
Meg Taylor, Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman, IFC and MIGA (pdf)
Hasan A. Tuluy, Vice President, Human Resources (pdf)
Axel van Trotsenburg, Vice President, Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships (pdf)
Joachim von Amsberg, Vice President and Head of Network, Operations Policy and Country Services (pdf)

* Thierry A. Tanoh, Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Europe, and Latin America, IFC (Position exempt from public disclosure)

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