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How We Got to Where We Are: The World Bank's First 50 Years

Description:    This presentation uses text and photographs to chronicle a number of significant milestones during the first 50 years of the World Bank's existence.  The presentation begins during the crucial period when the Bank was founded (1944-1948), when many of the policies and procedures familiar today were established.  Selected institutional "firsts" are chronicled as is the creation of certain other affiliated development organizations.  Also depicted are the major buildings housing these institutions, from the old A Building to the New Main Complex.

The presentation was created by Chuck Ziegler, an archivist whose work in the World Bank Group Archives over a period of three decades contributed to his in-depth knowledge of the Bank and its history.

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Site of the historic Bretton Woods meetings

Leads:  Elisa Liberatori Prati, Barbara Buckingham and Andres McAlister, World Bank Group Archives

View a video of the live presentation

The online exhibit is divided into four sections:


Foundations of the World Bank, 1944-1948


"Firsts" in World Bank History


Affliliates of the World Bank


Buildings of the World Bank


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