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Electronic Records Strategy


In Spring 2002, The World Bank Group Archives launched the Electronic Records Strategy initiative to develop the conceptual framework, collaboration, standards, methodologies and technologies necessary to establish an electronic records management program at the World Bank Group.

The objective of the Electronic Records Strategy is the systematic, enterprise-wide management of electronic records according to international standards and best practice.

The Strategy is being developed by the Bank Group Archives under the direction of consultant Peter Van Garderen (Artefactual Systems Inc.) in collaboration with Archives and World Bank Information Solutions Group (ISG) staff.

Project Documents

Report on Symposium 2003- Preservation of Electronic Records: New Knowledge and Decision-making. (PDF, 7.8 mb) Canadian Conservation Institute and Library and Archives of Canada.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  September 15 – 18, 2003 (October 2003)

WBG Archives: Electronic Records Strategy (June 2003) (PDF, 250kb)

ISG Quickstart Presentation (January 2003):  Electronic Records at the World Bank (PDF, 672kb)

ERS Phase 1: Final Report (June 2002) (PDF, 277kb)

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World Bank Group Electronic Records Strategy

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