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Alphabetical List of Fonds of IBRD/IDA Records of the World Bank Group

Administration.  Records.  Fonds 20
Afghanistan Country Office. Records.  Fonds 73
Africa Regional Office.  Records.  Fonds 5
Agriculture and Rural Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 27
Archives.  Records.  Fonds 42
Auditor-General.  Records.  Fonds 15 

Bolivia Country Office. Records.  Fonds 75
Brazil Country Office. Records.  Fonds 70
Burkina Faso Country Office. Records.  Fonds 64
Burundi Country Office. Records.  Fonds 65

Central Files, 1946-1986.  Records.  Fonds 2
Chief Economist, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 14
Chief Financial Officer.  Records.  Fonds 17
Clark, William.  Personal papers.  Fonds 80
Co-financing Operations.  Records.  Fonds 18
Colombia Country Office. Records.  Fonds 71
Committees, Commissions, and Boards (Temporary).  Records.  Fonds 40
Conflict Resolution System.  Records.  Fonds 41
Consultative Group on Food Production and Investment in Developing Countries, 1974-1978.  Records.  Fonds 48
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).  Records.  Fonds 46 
Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP).  Records.  Fonds 50
Controller.  Records.  Fonds 16
Country Operational Files, 1946-1998.  Records.  Fonds 1 

Davis, Gloria. Personal papers. Fonds 84
Development Committee.  Records.  Fonds 47
Development Sectors, general.  Records.  Fonds 26
Diamond, William.  Personal papers.  Fonds 61
Donated materials collection.  Fonds 58 

East Asia and Pacific Regional Office.  Records.  Fonds 6 
Education Sector. Records. Fonds 88
Energy Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 28
Environment Sector.  Records.  Fonds 29
Environmentally Sustainable Development Vice Presidency. Fonds 90
Europe Regional Office.  Records.  Fonds 8
External Affairs, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 23 

Finance and Private Sector Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 30
Friedman, Irving S.  Personal papers.  Fonds 57

General Counsel, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 13
General records and publications of the World Bank Group.  Fonds 53
Global Environment Facility.  Records.  Fonds 49 

Haiti Country Office. Records.  Fonds 76
Health Services Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 31
Historian, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 62
Human Resources Administration.  Records.  Fonds 21
Human Resources Development and Operations Policy Vice Presidency. Records. Fonds 91
Human Development Network.  Records.  Fonds 32 

Indonesia Country Office, Records.  Fonds 72
Individual staff members.  Records.  Fonds 43
Industry Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 33
Information Management and Technology, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 22
Ivory Coast Country Office and Permanent Mission in Western Africa, Records.  Fonds 74 

Joint Bank-Fund Library collection on Presidents of the World Bank.  Fonds 54

Kenya Country Office, Records.  Fonds 66

Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office.  Records.  Fonds 9
Loan (Operations) Committee.  Records.  Fonds 39

Managing Directors and General Vice Presidents.  Records.  Fonds 4
Middle East and North Africa Regional Office.  Records.  Fonds 10

Oliver, Robert W.  Collection on George D. Woods.  Fonds 55
Operations Evaluation Department. Records. Fonds 25
Operations (Loan) Committee.  Records.  Fonds 39
Operations Policy, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 24
Oral histories.  Fonds 44 

Nurick, Lester.  Personal papers.  Fonds 52

Pakistan Country Office. Records.  Fonds 78
Philippines Country Office. Records.  Fonds 77
Photo Service.  Records.  Fonds 59
Population, Health, and Nutrition Sector. Records. Fonds 89
Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Programs .  Records.  Fonds 37
President, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 3
Presidents of the World Bank.  Joint Bank-Fund Library collection on.  Fonds 54 

Rosen, Martin M.  Personal papers. Fonds 82
Rotberg, Eugene.  Personal papers.  Fonds 81

Schmidt, Orvis A.  Personal papers.  Fonds 63
Secretary, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 11
Social Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 87
Sommers, Davidson.  Personal papers.  Fonds 60
South Africa Country Office. Records.  Fonds 67
South Asia Regional Office.  Records.  Fonds 7

Thailand Country Office. Records.  Fonds 68
Transportation Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 34
Treasurer, Office of.  Records.  Fonds 12
Trust Fund Operations.  Records.  Fonds 19

Uganda Country Office. Records.  Fonds 79
United Nations Liaison Office, New York.  Records.  Fonds 38
Urban Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 35 

Vice Presidents (General) and Managing Directors.  Records.  Fonds 4

Water Development Sector.  Records.  Fonds 36
Western Africa, Permanent Mission and Ivory Coast Country Office. Records.  Fonds 74
Woods, George. Robert W. Oliver collection on.  Fonds 55
Woods, Louise Taraldson.  Personal papers.  Fonds 56
World Bank history.  Reference collection on.  Fonds 51
World Bank Institute.  Records.  Fonds 45 

Zimbabwe Country Office. Records.  Fonds 69

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