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The Web Archives program was launched in March 2007 to preserve historical and research value of World Bank websites that had been discontinued or significantly updated. The Web Archives collection dates back to 1998 and includes:

  • sites that have been replaced due to design, technological or other changes,
  • sites that are no longer being updated, and
  • snapshots of selected live sites

In addition to viewing the actual sites, you will find additional information such as the name of the Bank unit that owned them, country or regional focus, dates of launching and archiving, etc. To view the background, click on the view website profile information icon in the listings.

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How to Use Archived Sites

Once you have located an archived site, you can navigate through it in the same way as any current Bank site. Just, remember that the information is no longer being updated! You may also encounter broken links, since the linked sites may have changed.

Terms and conditions for using information on archived sites are the same as for current sites. For more information, see the Web Archives FAQs.

Please refer any questions regarding the Web Archives collection and web archiving service to the Web Archives Team.

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