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To help you search this site, please review the folowing search options:


  • To search for an archived site using one or two keywords, type these keywords into the search box on the WebArchives homepage banner or into the box on the page. These searches have similar configuration and will yield similar results. They go through description of the archived sites (also called site “metadata”) and display those that have the search term in one or more metadata fields.


  • If you have two or more search criteria, it is recommended to use Advanced Search., which allows you to search on up to 10 criteria, such as language, region, site description and others. This search also goes against the description of the archived sites (site “metadata”) and will retrieve sites that have the search term in corresponding metadata fields For example, if you select to search for sites in Spanish, the search engine will look in the archived site metadata field of language and retrieve only sites that are described as being in Spanish.

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  • If you need to search for content within an archived site, you may use the “Search This Archived Site” option available from the ARCHIVED WEBSITE banner. This banner is always available when you browse an archived site.

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Many archived sites have their own search boxes, see this example:


other search options

These search options of the archived sites usually do not work. This is a known limitation of Web archiving in general and industry specialists are looking for solutions. However, if you need to search content of a specific archived site, locate that site in the WebArchives collection, click on the hyperlinked name of the site to view it, and search for its content using the “Search This Archived Site” search option available from the ARCHIVED WEBSITE banner.

Can I use “/”, “-“, and other symbols when searching?


No, at this time you can only type in words to do a search. We are working to improve the search functions of WebArchives to enable you use these signs in the future.

For additional information please see FAQs.

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