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IDA Borrowing Countries

IDA Borrowing Countries.

Where Does IDA Work?

Click on country names to view data, analysis and World Bank program in each country.


East Asia

Europe and Central Asia

Latin America and Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

South Asia

Key to IDA Countries

  • 1 - Inactive countries
  • 2 - Blend countries
  • 3 - Small island economy exception
  • 4 - Borrowing on blend terms

IDA at Work: Read analysis of country achievements over the last 10 years.
IDA at Work

Data Query: From Access to roads to Urban population, browse World Bank data for IDA countries over the last 10 years.

Eligibility: Operational cutoff for IDA eligibility for FY12 is $1,175 (2010 GNI per capita). Historical ceiling for IDA eligibility for FY12 is $1,915 (2010 GNI per capita). Learn more about how IDA allocates resources.

Blend Countries: IDA-eligible but credit-worthy enough to borrow from IBRD.

IDA Graduates: Countries like Botswana, Korea, Turkey have graduated from IDA. Full List

Updated November 2011

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