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IDA13 Replenishment

IDA Replenishments

The IDA13 replenishment negotiations were successfully concluded in London, United Kingdom on July 1, 2002.

In July of 2002, donor representatives ("IDA Deputies") concluded negotiations of the 13th replenishment of IDA and agreed on a framework for the projected IDA13 program and its associated financing needs. The IDA13 replenishment will make possible the commitment of SDR 18 billion (about $23 billion) to poor IDA members over the next three years, beginning on July 1, 2002. Within the IDA13 framework, donor representatives agreed on the increased use of IDA grants to help address the special difficulties faced by the poorest and most vulnerable countries. The framework also provides for the establishment of a results-based measurement system to link IDA programs to countries' development outcomes. The IDA13 replenishment discussions were opened up to representatives of borrowing countries and civil society, and background policy documents were made publicly available on the Bank's website. In addition, a draft of the Deputies' report was posted on this site for public comment, and feedback was incorporated into the final version of the report. The background papers discussed by Deputies and borrower representatives are provided below.
Click here for IDA13 final Deputies' Report.
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OED IDA Review Documents

In 1998 IDA donors commissioned a major independent evaluation of IDA’s performance in implementing the undertakings of the last three replenishment agreements – IDA10-12, covering the period from fiscal 1994 to 2000.

A comprehensive in-depth review was carried out by the OED -- an independent evaluation unit that reports directly to the World Bank's executive directors.

IDA donors received the full study, comprising nine volumes, in the spring of 2001, in time for discussions of IDA13. The results of the study were also presented to donors at their meeting in Addis Ababa in June. Click here for that presentation.

- Click here for the executive summary (available in 9 languages), the full study, and other relevant material.
- The IDA10-12 Partnership for Poverty Reduction - TRACK BRIEF Volume 4, Number 12 May 3, 2001

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