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IDA Country Performance Ratings 2010

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IDA's resources are allocated on the basis of Country Performance Ratings (CPR).  The CPR was simplified during the IDA15 Replenishment discussions to enhance the transparency of resource flows.  The CPR now consists of a linear combination of clusters A-C of the CPIA ratings (with a weight of 24 percent), Cluster D of the CPIA rating (with a weight of 68 percent) and portfolio performance rating (with a weight of 8 percent).

The 2010 results

The CPR and its components are presented in the table below:

Table 1a  (Countries listed alphabetically); [excel version]

For further details on how the ratings are prepared, please refer to Annex 2 of the IDA16 Replenishment Report

Historical Series

Click here to access CPR 2006-2009


 These scores are a product of the staff of the World Bank and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of Executive Directors or the governments they represent.

 When interpreting the assessment scores, it should be noted that the criteria are designed in a development-neutral manner. Accordingly, higher scores can be attained by a country that, given its stage of development, has a policy and institutional framework that more strongly fosters growth and poverty reduction.

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