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IDA Resource Allocation Index (IRAI) - 2010

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The World Bank’s IDA Resource Allocation Index (IRAI) is based on the results of the annual CPIA exercise that covers the IDA eligible countries. The CPIA rates countries against a set of 16 criteria grouped in four clusters: (a) economic management; (b) structural policies; (c) policies for social inclusion and equity; and (d) public sector management and institutions. The  criteria are focused on balancing the capture of the key factors that foster growth and poverty reduction, with the need to avoid undue burden on the assessment process. To fully underscore the importance of the CPIA in the IDA Performance Based Allocations, the overall country score is referred to as the IRAI. 

The 2010 results 


The IRAI and its sixteen component scores are presented below:


Summary Table (Countries listed alphabetically) [PDF version] - [Excel version]


For comparison purposes, detailed country scores along with the IDA averages are provided in country sheets for each IDA eligible country:


For more details on how these ratings are prepared, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

These scores are a product of the staff of the World Bank and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of Executive Directors or the governments they represent.




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