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Fragile States: Overview

Fragile States
Fragile States

IDA at Work Impact

  • Since 2000, IDA has provided over $5.9 billion in post-conflict reconstruction assistance to fragile and conflict-affected countries
  • From July 2008 through March 2009, the Bank committed $964.6 million to fragile and post-conflict countries
  • The annual global cost of conflict is estimated to be around $100 billion

Fragile states face particularly severe development challenges: weak institutional capacity, poor governance, political instability, and often ongoing violence or the legacy of past conflict. Such pervasive development failures not only hinder achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), but also fuel risks of insecurity, crime and narcotics, and human trafficking within fragile states themselves, in the surrounding regions, and beyond. In recent years the international community has given a great deal of attention to these states, and the World Bank has considerably scaled up its capacity to respond to their needs through policy and institutional reforms and initiatives to strengthen external partnerships.

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Afghanistan: Promoting Community-Based Development through National Solidarity ProgramAfghanistan: Promoting Community-Based Development through National Solidarity Program. Watch the Video to learn more about the program.

Restoring Livelihoods in Conflict Areas in Sri LankaRestoring Livelihoods in Conflict Areas in Sri Lanka. Over 500 Villages Benefit from Infrastructural Developments.

Project Profiles

- Realizing Increased Customs Revenue through Modernization Project in Afghanistan 
- Rwanda: Re-Integrating Ex-Combatants into Civilian Life to Maintain Economic Growth
- Bosnia and Herzegovina: Healing Old Wounds While Generating Incomes through Community Development Projects
- Overcoming Security Challenges to Rehabilitate Once Arid Regions in Afghanistan
- Afghanistan: Providing Access to Primary Healthcare for Millions of Rural People
- Creating Jobs through Microfinance in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Liberia: Digging Monrovia Out from the Waste of War
- Re-opening of Old Bridge Fosters Unity among War-Torn People in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Afghanistan: Better Communication for a Brighter Future
- Post-War Recovery Program Aids Re-integration of 158,000 Veterans in Ethiopia


Watch this panel discussion held in Sydney, Australia on the Development in Post-Conflict States. The discussion, presented by the World Bank, featured three panelists - Kanthan Shankar, World Bank; Mark McGillivray, AusAID; and Michael Smith, Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence.

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- What is IDA? The International Development Association (IDA) is the part of the World Bank that provides interest-free credits and grants to the world's poorest countries. Learn more
- Fragile and Conflict-Afflicted Countries Website of The World Bank.
- Global Challenges: Fragile States 

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