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Social Development

IDA at Work: Advancing Socially Sustainable Development

IDA at Work Impact

  • New IDA lending commitments for social development themes have averaged some US$700 million annually over the past six years.
  • Between fiscal years 2005 and 2010, the composition of IDA's social development portfolio has continued to focus heavily on participation and civic engagement, (which includes community driven development), accounting for half of the new commitments.

Social development adopts an approach that focuses on the need to “put people first” in development processes. Overcoming poverty is not just a matter of getting economic policies right—it is also about promoting social development which empowers people by creating more inclusive, cohesive, and accountable institutions and societies. An approach that integrates these principles is critical to addressing some of the International Development Association's (IDA) most challenging issues such as reconstructing post-conflict and fragile states, proactively adapting to climate change, promoting good governance and accountability, and reaching out to the poorest countries.

IDA at Work: Social Development
(Sept, 2010)

HaitiHaiti: Building Rural Capacity to Strengthen Development. Watch the video to learn more about Community Driven Development.

AzerbaijanImproving Social Assistance and Pension in Azerbaijan. 760,000 Members in 165,461 Households Benefit from the Program.

Project Profiles

- India: Increasing Income for 9 Million Women through Community Participation
- Community Infrastructure Investments Benefit Over 200,000 Households in Bangladesh
- Rwanda: Providing Ex-Combatants a New Lease on Life through Social and Economic Integration
- Fighting Poverty through Social Investment Fund in Armenia
- Kyrgyz Republic: Engaging Rural Communities to become Self-Reliant
- A Substantial Progress in Social Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina benefits 1.5 Million
- Moldova: Boosting Community Power and Income

Watch the slideshow to learn more about improving poor communities through creative and participatory strategies.

Learn More

- What is IDA? The International Development Association (IDA) is the part of the World Bank that provides interest-free credits and grants to the world’s poorest countries. Learn more
- World Bank’s resources on Social Development
- Data on Social Development Indicators

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