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About the Office


Office of the Executive Director (EDS21)
Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, and Timor-Leste


Patrizio Pagano, Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director is staffed by the Executive Director, Alternate Executive Director, Senior Advisors and Advisors, and support staff. The Office plays a strong and proactive role on behalf of the interests of its Constituency countries by coordinating missions/visits to the World Bank, ad-hoc disseminating project's information and sector/regional orientation of the Bank. We also provide information about career opportunities at the World Bank in Italian, Portuguese and Greek

With these initiatives, the office intends to contribute to the dissemination of best practices while ensuring a higher level of the Bank’s transparency, improving international procurement, and increasing human resources competition.

The Executive Director, along with the other 24 members of the Board, is responsible for the conduct of the general operations of the Bank, and exercise powers delegated to him by the Board of Governors.

Responsibilities consist of participating in Board meetings to define institutional policies and strategies, as well as approving programs and projects, including IBRD loan and guarantee proposals, IDA credits, grants and guarantee proposals made by the President.

The Executive Director  attends meetings of the Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE), the Budget Committee, the Committee on Governance and Executive Directors' Administrative Matters (COGAM), the Human Resources Committee, the Steering Committee and the Audit Committee (AC) .

The Executive Director engages in direct consultations and negotiations with other Executive Officers to generate support for the World Bank's efforts to reduce poverty and to harmonize their positions so as to present a consensus on development efforts.

He liaises with his Constituency's Governors (usually the ministries of finance) to receive their advice and opinions on how to best further and protect their interests.

Accordingly, the Executive Director for Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Marino and Timor Leste, while exercising his individual judgement in the interest of the Bank as a whole, also informs the constituency countries about the issues before the Board and takes into account their views while determining his position.

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