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Staff List

Office of the Executive Director (EDS24)
Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

  Jorg G. Frieden

Mr. Jorg Frieden, Executive Director
Phone: +1 (202) 458 7050

Representation of the Constituency, Committees: Steering Committee, Budget Committee, Institutional Aspects: Board Effectiveness


Alternate Executive Director

Committees: Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE) Sub-Committee, Development Committee; International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD); Regions: Poland, Europe and Central Asia (ECA); Constituency Issues: EU

 Holger TauschMr. Holger Tausch, Senior Advisor
Phone: +1 (202) 473 5709
International Development Association (IDA); Regions: Africa (West & Central, Eastern & Southern); Operational Issues: Harmonization, Emerging Donors, Stolen Assets Recovery, LICUS-(Post)Conflict / MICUS; Sector Issues: Disaster Prevention
Photograph of Lukas SchnellerMr. Lukas Schneller, Senior Advisor
Phone: +1 (202) 458 7681

International Finance Corporation (IFC), IFC Countries; Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), MIGA Countries; Sector Issues: PSD/Investment Climate, Global Issues: Environment/Global Environment Facility (GEF), Climate Change; constituency Issues: Swiss Trust Funds/Private Companies/Human Resources


Bilijana Chroneos-Krasavac

Mrs. Biljana Chroneos-Krasavac, Advisor
Phone: +1 (202) 473 0293

Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE); World Bank Institute (WBI); Regions: Serbia, Europe and Central Asia (ECA) South East; Operational Issues: Safeguards/Inspection Panel, Evaluation/Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), World Development Report (WDR)/Research; Sector Issues: Human Development (Health, Education, Social Development); Sector Issues: Remittances


Sebastian Stolorz

Mr. Sebastian Stolorz, Advisor
Phone: +1 (202) 458 7299

Committees: Budget & Human Resorces; Global Issues: Global Economy, Global Public Goods, Global Programs and Partnerships/DGF; Sector Issues: HIV-AIDS, Gender


Orynbayev, Daulet

Mr. Daulet Orynbayev, Advisor
Phone: +1 (202) 473 1554           

Regions: Kazakhstan; East Asia & Pacific, South Asia, EU member State, ECA CIS /Committees: Budget (BC) & Audit (AC) / Sector Issues: Financial, HD-Health, Educ. & Social Dev,HIV-AIDS, Agricultural Dev & CGIAR, Infrastructure, Hydro-Energy, Natural Resources EITI / Global Issues: Global Economy, Global Programs & Trust Funds / IFC & MIGA:  Central Asia (AS & IS)  


Mr. Sardor Shamansurovich Sagdullayev, Advisor
Phone +1 (202) 458 2011                                                                                          

Regions: Uzbekistan, South Asia, ECA CIS, Middle East & North America; Sector Issues: Agricultural Development/CGIAR; Global Issues: Trade; International Finance Corporation (IFC) Financial Sector Projects; Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Financial Sector Projects
Chorobek Imashov

Mr. Chorobek Imashov, Advisor
Kyrgyz Republic
Phone: +1 (202) 473 2943

Regions: Kyrgyz Republic, East Asia / Pacific; Sector Issues: Agricultural Development/CGIAR; Global Issues: Trade; International Finance Corporation (IFC) Financial Sector Projects; Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Financial Sector Projects

Meredov, Nurgeldi

Mr. Nurgeldi Meredov, Advisor
Phone: +1 (202) 458 7146                                                                                        

Regions: Turkmenistan / Audit Committee / Middle East and North Africa, Economic/Financial Crisis, Water and Energy, Fragile States, Natural Resources/EITI, PSD/Investment Climate, Global Economy

Francoise Amal Salame Guex

Mrs. Francoise AmalSalameGuex, Advisor

International Development Association (IDA); Committees: Personnel; Regions: Central America and Caribbean, South America; Institutional Aspects: Country Systems, Link with International Monetary Fund (IMF), Operational Issues: Debt Sustainability/HIPC, Development Effectiveness / Results; Sector Issues: Public Expenditure

 Barbara Clarke-BaderMrs. Barbara Clarke-Bader, Senior Executive Assistant
Phone: +1 (202) 458 7058
 Maria Caroline B. ArriolaMaria Caroline A. Hazard, Program Assistant
Phone: +1 (202) 458 2603

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