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Office of the Executive Director EDS25

Angola, Nigeria and South Africa


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 Angola, Nigeria and South Africa have played an important role since they joined the World Bank Group. 

The Executive Director, along with the other members of the office, represents the constituency countries in meetings at the World Bank and engages in direct consultations and negotiations with other Executive Officers in efforts to gain support for the World Bank's efforts in reducing poverty.

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Renosi Mokate
Executive Director



FY Annual Report -  English version button-pdf.gif Portuguese Version   button-pdf.gif


FY Annual Report Portuguese

The FY11 Annual Report of the Angola, Nigeria and South Africa Constituency covers a number of areas, including:

arrowhighlight.gifThe general trend of lending operations across the World
Bank Group;

arrowhighlight.gif  Some important strategies and policies of the World Bank Group that were discussed within the reporting period;

arrowhighlight.gif The status of WBG Country Partnership Strategies for our constituency countries; and

arrowhighlight.gif Administrative matters and future meetings that are of
interest to our Constituency.