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Trust Funds

The Global Partnership & Trust Fund Operations department (CTPFO) is responsible for creating and disseminating the policies and business processes of the Bank-administered Trust Funds. It also helps in developing and managing the Bank’s partnerships and trust funds business operations by serving as a liaison between external and internal clients on strategy, policy, program management, and best practices. Additionally, the department provides training and support to trust fund users and managers.

As the department responsible for developing and monitoring the Bank’s policies and procedures on Global Programs and Partnerships (GPPs) and Trust Funds (TFs), CFPTO ensures complete oversight of the Bank’s Partnership and Trust Fund operations. The department is also in charge of advising the Bank’s senior management, the Board, and donors about every aspect of GPP and TF business, including portfolio performance, policies and strategies, as well as current business practices.

The department constantly monitors and analyzes the various GPP and TF portfolios to identify good practice approaches. It also captures results and monitors portfolio trends, and is also responsible for the management of the Development Grant Facility (DGF) and cross-sectoral programmatic TFs including the Policy and Human Resource Development (PHRD), the Japan Social Development Funds (JSDF), the Avian and Human Influenza Facility (AHI), and the Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP).

Responsible for policy review and oversight of the Bank Group’s $26 billion Trust Funds portfolio