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Cofinancing - OLD

Cofinancing refers to any arrangement under which Bank funds or guarantees are associated with funds provided by third parties for a particular project or program. Official cofinancing, either through donor government agencies or multilateral financial institutions, constitutes the largest source of cofinancing for Bank-assisted operations.

The Bank’s objectives in encouraging cofinancing are to:

  • Mobilize resources to fill a financing gap in a specific project or program.
  • Establish closer coordination with official donors on country programs, policies, and investment priorities.
  • Provide donors with a cost-effective way of extending assistance by using the Bank’s country experience and capacity to manage projects and programs.

Under its cofinancing activities, the Bank provides the following services:

  • Cofinancing Consultations: these consultations provide a forum for both bilateral donor agencies and multilateral institutions to review projects with cofinancing potential and trust fund opportunities.
  • Framework Agreements: the negotiated agreements establish the procedures for processing cofinancing, trust funds and other collaborative modalities.
  • Export Credit Cofinancing Services: we assist the Bank's six regional vice presidencies and export credit agencies in identifying appropriate opportunities for cofinancing in Bank projects and in structuring particular export credit arrangements.
  • Other services: we also assist operational Bank staff, as necessary, in identifying official cofinancing sources and firming up cofinancing commitments.

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